Polyurethane High Pressure Foaming Machine (wet part)
The equipment has passed German TUV certification.

——Polyurethane High Pressure Foaming Machine (wet part)

The equipment is used to store liquid polybasic alcohol and isocyanate into two material tanks respectively. Two rotary axial (or radial) plunger metering pumps deliver raw material to mixing heads; when mixing head opens under hydraulic action, the two components are injected into a small mixing room under high pressure and flow velocity. They collide against each other to realize the purpose of mixing by kinetic energy conversion and flow out of mixing heads to inject into mould cavity. After injection time ends, piston rods of mixing heads push forward and all the materials are pushed out of the mixing room. Meanwhile, mixing room’s inner wall is cleaned up by piston rod, so that no residual material will be left.

It is extensively applied to industries such as household electrical appliances (e.g. refrigerator, freezer exhibition cabinet and water heater), thermal insulation building material industry (e.g. insulation board and thermal insulation pipe), and automotive interior decoration (e.g. car seat, steering wheel and dash board).

The equipment has passed German TUV certification.  

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