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State Key Laboratory of Industrial Product Environmental Adaptability 2008year4 Approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, relying onChina National Electrical Research Institute Co., Ltd.Established , Is our countryfirstNational scientific research institutions specializing in the environmental adaptation technology of industrial products,20109 passed the inspection by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

The laboratory faces the technical requirements for environmental adaptability of high-end equipment and key products in my country, focusing on environmental monitoring, testing, evaluation, and testing. Research on equipment, protection technology, standards and specifications has been carried out, leading domestic technological achievements have been made, and a comprehensive solution for environmental adaptability has been formed.

> Main domestic environmental adaptability technology research and development and service institutions

> Leading the formulation of China’s environmental technology standards

> Main members of the National Material Environmental Corrosion Test Platform

> Comprehensive climate, mechanical, chemical, electromagnetic, and biological environmental test capabilities

> A natural environment test network covering typical climates such as humid heat, sub-humid heat, plateau, desert, and cold in China

> The only domestic coverageGlobal typical climate natural Environmental Test Network

> A leading domestic supplier of large-scale professional environmental testing equipment

This institution is the affiliated unit of the secretariats of many national professional standardization technical committees, and now it focuses on national standards.161 item, industry standard13 items. The series of standards for special environmental conditions in western my country was formulated for the first time, and it won the first prize of standard innovation contribution from the National Standardization Management Committee. Same as IEC, ISO and other international standards organizations establish cooperation, join as a group member ASTM and actively participate in the international standard system Revised.

> Environmental conditions and Environmental Testing Standardization Technical Committee, the counterpart of International Electrotechnical Commission IEC/TC 104.

> Environmental conditions and Environmental Test Standardization Technical Committee Climate Environmental Test Sub-Technical Committee.

> National Fire Hazard Test for Electrical and Electronic Products Standardization Technical Committee, counterpart of the International Electrotechnical Commission Fire Hazard Test Technical Committee (IEC/TC 89).

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