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kinte Industrial Park

——Red flowers, grass greens, beautiful corridors, quiet lakes, modernization with cultural and technological information Science and Technology Industrial Park

Kinte Industrial Park is a science and technology industrial park of China National Electrical Equipment Research Institute Co., Ltd. The industrial park covers an area of 22 10,000 square meters, which belongs to the national "Double High and One Excellent" project. Four technology industry companies are stationed in the industrial park:Guangzhou Qingtian Electrical Industry Co., Ltd. Company, Guangzhou Kinte Material Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Kinte Electrical Appliance Industry Co., Ltd. and China Electrical Equipment Research Institute Co., Ltd. Test Equipment Branch, respectively engaged in the industrial R&D, production and sales of electrical equipment, materials, complete engineering and test equipment.

Kinte Industrial Park accumulative investment2.2 RMB 100 million: Administrative office area 1.66 ten thousand square meters; factory building 4.34 ten thousand square meters; dining hall, dormitory, etc. Living supporting facilities are 1.5 ten thousand square meters; the total construction area is 7.5 ten thousand square meters. As well as production equipment, office furniture roads, power supply, water supply, drainage, sewage, wastewater treatment, ventilation, communications, broadband networks, cable television and other supporting facilities are complete.

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