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Guangzhou Kinte Group

—- China National Electrical Equipment Research Institute Co., Ltd. Technology Industry Complex

Guangzhou Qingtian Group is based on the Chinese Electrical Based on the high-tech achievements and outstanding talents accumulated over the past ten years, it is a comprehensive industrial topic organized strictly in accordance with the modern enterprise system. It belongs to the China National Electrical Equipment Research Institute Co., Ltd., a national high-tech enterprise, and the national "Double High and One Excellent" project .

Guangzhou Kinte Group from Guangzhou Qingtian Electrical Industry Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Qingtian Industrial Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Qingtian Material Technology Co., Ltd. and China National Electrical Equipment Research Institute Co., Ltd. Test Equipment Branch are composed of four companies, respectively engaged in complete sets of equipment, energy equipment, chemical coatings and testing Production of high-tech products in equipment and other fields and contracting of engineering projects.

Guangzhou Kinte Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

l household appliances and similar appliances factory equipment general contracting project

l Special equipment for home appliance production, laboratory export

l Home appliance product development and mold manufacturing, parts export

l Conveyor production line and automated testing equipment

l Home appliance, motorcycle, automobile coating line and production line export

l Surface treatment production line

Guangzhou Qingtian Industrial Co., Ltd.

l Generator excitation system, high-power power supply equipment, battery testing equipment and more Product manufacturing

l Power plant electromechanical equipment renovation and complete contractor

l Aluminum profile and electronic copper foil filter production line contractor

l Battery production line contractor

Guangzhou Kinte Material Technology Co., Ltd.

l Powder coating research and development, production and sales

l Research, development, production and sales of saturated polyester resins for powder coatings

l Research, development, production and sales of liquid coatings and special new materials

Test Equipment Branch of China Electrical Equipment Institute

l Development and production of environmental test equipment

l Development and production of automobile test equipment

l Development and production of home appliance test equipment

Guangzhou Qingtian Group has always focused on the road of combining scientific research and development with the industrialization of achievements, and has undertaken a large number of National, provincial and municipal scientific research projects, a total of 600 scientific and technological achievements were completed during 1998~2011 , including many outstanding scientific and technological achievements 380, including There are 9 national achievement awards,146 provincial and ministerial achievement awards, and 63 municipal achievement awards. Obtained a number of 100 national patents, the conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements reached 85%, and won the five national technology market "Golden Bridge Awards" for ten consecutive years. Guangzhou Sky Group Possess the "People's Republic of China Foreign Contracting Project Qualification Certificate" issued by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China "(The only company in the household appliance industry in China that has this certificate), the "Engineering Design Certificate (Grade A)" issued by the Ministry of Construction of the People's Republic of China, and the "Special Engineering Design Certificate" issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration.

Guangzhou Qingtian Group is located in the High-tech Industrial Park of China Electrical Equipment Research Institute Co., Ltd. in Huadu, Guangzhou—— Qingtian Industrial Park. Since the establishment of the park, a total of 2.2 billion yuan has been invested in facilities. Administrative office area 1.66 ten thousand square meters; factory building 4.34 ten thousand square meters; dining hall, dormitory and other living supporting facilities 1.5 ten thousand square meters; total building The area is 7.5 ten thousand square meters. Production equipment, office furniture , roads, power supply, water supply, drainage, sewage, wastewater treatment, ventilation, communications, broadband networks, cable television and other supporting facilities are very complete.

The Group adheres to the business philosophy of "innovation-oriented, customer "Enterprise needs" is our responsibility, and we are committed to applied research combining technology and market, gathering international and domestic R&D and other high-end talents, learning and innovating R&D models, and exploring and promoting the internationalization of scientific research and management.

Home appliance equipment Product design and development... Test equipment Car equipment Three-dimensional warehousing ... Chemical coatings Electrical Equipment return

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