Foaming Line Equipment (Dry Part)
It is special equipment for refrigerator foaming.

—— Foaming Line Equipment (Dry Part)

It is special equipment for refrigerator foaming. The equipment is mainly used in completing cabinet or door’s automatic positioning, automatic clamping, automatic mould-locking and automatic charging to ensure that cabinet or door will not deform in the overall foaming process. Dry part of refrigerator foaming mainly comprises mould frame, automatic injection system, water circulation temperature control system, mould change trolley, hydraulic system, safety exhaust system, electric control system, and bidirectional carrying trolley or lifting translation conveyor line (either), which are generally arranged linearly and combined with assembly line to realize the streamlined production. Dry part of door foaming, adopting rotary type generally, is mainly composed of main frame, rotary disk, foaming mould frame, drive device, indexing positioning device, open/close device, mould supporting device, automatic charging system, water heating system, safety exhaust system, hydraulic system and electrical control system. Depending on budget and cycle time, either linear type or ground rail type can be adopted. 

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