LED production line
LED production line

This production line is able to meet the production requirement of  LED candle, bulb, tube and other specified products. The main features of the line is easy to operation and maintenance, labor-saving, high intelligent and stable performance. The factory layout, equipment configuration and other factors can be adjusted by the specific requirements of customers. 

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1.   Overview:

The production of LED light will be divided into below parts:

SMT line→Assembly line→Aging line→Packing line

Insertion line (for PCB production)

QC room

2.   Production equipment:

SMT line: loading and unloading machine, solder paste mixer, solder paste printer, conveying and inspection table, pick and place machine, reflow oven

Assembly line: one layer workbench and one layer instrument bench with lights all along.

Insertion line: wave soldering machine, component insertion line, touch-up line, component cutting machine and so on.

QC: horizontal distribution photometer, precision digital power meter and so on.

3.   Products

Candle, bulb, tube, panel, street light, spot light, flood light ,etc.



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