Company Introduction

Guangzhou Kinte Group


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Company introduction

Guangzhou Kinte Group, affiliated to and based on hi-tech achievements and outstanding talents accumulated in China National Electric Apparatus Research Institute Co., Ltd. (CEI) (formerly called “Guangzhou Electrical Appliance Research Institute”) for decades, is an industry complex organized in strict compliance with modern enterprise systems. As a hi-tech enterprise in China, it is also defined as a national “premium, high yield and efficient” project. 

Guangzhou Kinte Group consists of four members, namely Guangzhou Kinte Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Kinte Industrial Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Kinte Material Technology Co., Ltd. and CEI Testing Equipment Branch, which engage in hi-tech product manufacture and project contract in turn-key project equipment, energy equipment, chemical paint, testing equipment and other fields, respectively. 


 Guangzhou Kinte Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

l      Contract project of plant equipment of electrical household appliances and similar electrical household appliances

l      Export of special manufacture equipment and lab for electrical household appliances 

l      Development and mould manufacture of electrical household appliances and export of parts and components

l      Delivery of production line and automatic detection equipment

l      Export of electrical household appliance, motor vehicle, auto painting line and production line

l      Production line of surface treatment  


 Guangzhou Kinte Industrial Co., Ltd. 

l      Manufacture of generator excitation system, high power supply equipment, and battery detection equipment

l      Modification of electromechanical equipment of power plants and turn-key project equipment contractor

l      Contractor of aluminum section and electronic copper foil filtering production line

l      Battery production line contractor


Guangzhou Kinte Material Technology Co., Ltd.

l      Research, development, production and marketing of powder coating

l      Research, development, production and marketing of saturated polyester resin used for powder coating

l      Research, development, production and marketing of liquid coating and special new materials


CEI Testing Equipment Branch

l      Research, development and production of environmental test equipment

l      Research, development and production of auto test equipment

l      Research, development and production of test equipment for electrical household appliances 


Guangzhou Kinte Group keeps walking on the road of combining scientific & technological development with achievement industrialization. The group has undertaken a great number of national, provincial and municipal scientific research and key-problem-tackling projects and made, during the period from 1998 to 2011, over 600 scientific & technological achievements, which include over 380 outstanding scientific & technological achievements (9 national scientific & technological achievement awards, 146 provincial and ministerial scientific & technological achievement awards and 63 municipal scientific & technological achievement awards). Besides, the group has obtained over 100 national patents, with scientific achievement transformation ratio up to 85% and has been awarded national technology market “Golden Bridge” award for ten consecutive years. Moreover, the group has been issued with the Competence Certificate of the People’s Republic of China for Contracting Foreign Construction Projects, making it the only enterprise with this certificate in electrical household appliance industry in China, the Engineering Design Certificate (Level A) issued by the Ministry of Construction of the People’s Republic of China, the “Special Project Design Certificate” issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of China and other multiple certificates.

Guangzhou Kinte Group, situated in Kinte Industrial Park, the CEI Hi-tech Industrial Park in Huadu District, Guangzhou City, has invested RMB 0.22 billion Yuan for infrastructure up to now. In the group, there are administration office area 16,600 m2, plant area 43,400 m2 and living facilities 15,000 m2 (inclusive of dinning hall and dormitory), with a total building area of 75,000 m2. It has quite complete facilities that comprise production equipment, office furniture, road, power supply, water supply, pollution discharge, waste water disposal, ventilation, communication, broadband network and cable TV.

Under the operation philosophy “Innovation Oriented, Customer Foremost”, the group takes it as its own responsibility to meet national, industrial and enterprise demands, so it dedicates to application study of applying technologies into market by gathering together various high-end research and development talents both at home and abroad, studying and innovating in research and development modes, and exploring and advancing scientific research and operation internalization. 

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